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09/21/2011 11: PM 


I am glad my online dating profile is working.. It's amazing how many more responses you get when you write a good profile. So i think it is good i have these women interested in me but my problem now is I am not sure if I want a girlfriend or not. It sounds pretty stupid making a profile and then not going on dates. I don't know what it is. maybe i am just afraid to get hurt again or maybe I just like the way things are now. I mean I want a girlfriend I guess but I just don't want someone controlling my life. I like the freedom i have now even though i do absolutely nothing with it. besides I sort of don't want to tell people how shitty my life really is. You know like I don't have a job. I just sell shit on the internet. And that I am splitting a house with my father. Like really shouldn't I have my own place by now? I am how old.. The only good thing going on in my life is that I bought a new car.. and when do I squeeze in the fact that I have schizophrenia. or that I will have to be on medication the rest of my life. I don't know..  Maybe I should listen to that saying... how does it go? Those that mind, don't matter...Those that matter, don't mind.


09/18/2011 12: PM 

this is awesome
Current mood:  adored

It is just like myspace used to be. to bad there weren't millions of users using it yet.. I will recommend it to all my friends. I used to love writing blogs on myspace.  this isn't much of a first blog but it is just a little note to say hi.


09/17/2011 01: PM 

Sabbath Day!

Every Saturday is the Sabbath, so I Rest and watch movies all day!  Today I'm Hung Over, but that's going away.  I could sleep all day. 

Ranandos VP

09/17/2011 12: PM 


Sail Away ||DOE | In My Coffee | 33 | Aesthetic Innovation | Etiquette33 | EGO | MA | ADVP | SA 


09/14/2011 05: AM 

wtf? LOL!

I shouldn't be awake! It's 5am, and I just got back from dropping Barbi off.  I'm trying to figure this site out all buzzed and tired.

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