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10/17/2017 12:10 PM 

Social Media (add/follow me and ill add/follow back!)
Current mood:  awake

☆Facebook -☆Instagram -☆Imvu - AlexxSenpaii☆Youtube -☆Vampire Freaks -


10/13/2017 12:45 AM 


Hey so I'm xXVanna_UndeadXx im very new to this so I'll try XD

clover ♥

10/14/2017 12:45 PM 

im about to EXPLODE
Current mood:  tested

my brother thinks its cool and fun to be a complete a**hole ALL the time, EVERY DAY!!!!!!! he took my car keys and left without asking, then stayed out WAY past curfew, then acted like mom is crazy for yelling at him for it. and thats not counting the 22 darts he shot into my bedroom wall before he left. he tries to bitch about mom to me like we're bffs in middle school or something. that is our MOTHER!!!! maybe she isnt the best person in the world but holy hell he has no right to talk about her the way he does. now hes just laying in bed singing along badly to classic rock like he never did anything wrong. like theres no one trying to f***ing sleep??? its almost midnight! Oh My God!!!!!i am just tired of this sh*t every single day. he acts like hes too cool for our parents love and attention. but once he moves out and loses it, then he'll want to take it back. then he'll know how i feel.everyone in this family is so f***ing selfish. no one ever thinks about anything but themselves or aidan. yeah, i get it, cancer and stuff, but hes perfectly healthy now so can i talk about how im severely traumatized???? nope! can my parents love and support me? No! Ex Dee! xD i want to die 


10/06/2017 06:41 PM 

Running out of films to watch
Current mood:  examimate

Its strange to think that I've come to this stage, I'm actually running out of films to watch on YouTube. I have watched so many films on there over the past few years I have probably forgotten most of them.When I look for new movies to watch I am finding less and less that i have not already seen.I have started re-watching stuff I have already seen before.This may sound like nothing to most people but it depresses me. Watching movies on YouTube is pretty much my favorite thing to do these days, the idea of running out of films leaves a huge void in my life.


10/03/2017 07:20 PM 

Journal # 3

So the dog fights have gotten worse and worse. If Dane even see's Dillinger, he flips out. I never liked Dane. Now I'm being forced to get rid of my dog who is a service dog for my anxiety. How could my parents be so selfish? Why get rid of the dog that helps me and clearly isn't the problem here? My parents are stupid as f***. One of these days that dog is going to attack another animal at the dog park or something and my parents will end up with huge fines and maybe even have to put the nut job down. I will never forgive that animal for this. Me and Dillinger are pretty close and he shows how much he appreciates me by his affection. If my parents are going to be that stupid, then I'm not going to be helping out with the animals when they need me to. As far as I'm concerned, Dillinger is my responsibility not the other 2. I can't wait for the day they ask me for my help and I get to throw it back in their faces. I hate Dane so much I act like hes not there. Remind me to never get his bread. They are overly jealous and protective. That's so not cute. I'm pissed off. Why the f*** should I be the one punished and Dilly being the one punished? Dane is the issue. F*** that dog. I hope he gets hit by a car and dies. That dog officially made me his enemy and I can be really cold. I'm not going to do jack sh*t for that piece of sh*t. Nope! In the end he will get his mark my words. He will attack some other innocent dog or person and end up having to be put down. When that day comes, I'm going to throw a party and celibate the fact that hes dead. Yea, that's some true hate right there. 

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