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12/30/2017 09:20 PM 

HeLP!! lol
Current mood:  aggravated

im so confused, im new to this site some one help me, what do i do! give me some tips and stuff on how to use thankyou angels ♥3333

#help #support #friends


12/29/2017 07:15 PM 

Things That Have Happened to Me at School
Current mood:  annoyed

*Quick note I am a feminine looking transgender boyOne day I was leaving my school to go visit my friend who lived a couple blocks away. That day I was wearing these particular shoes that give me a lot of attention (they are 3in platforms with buckles.) As I'm walking past a group of freshmen, I hear them comment on my shoes. I'm used to this obviously, because I get comments on my appearance a lot. Then, I hear something I don't think I'll ever forget."I bet she* cuts herself""She* probably slits her* wrists and wants to die"I stopped, and am now obviously f***ing shocked. I'd never actually herd with my own hears someone say something mean about me. Most of the time people just talk sh*t behind my back.So I turn around and hear.. "Oh sh*t, she's* looking" the three girls there tensed up and stared at me, while the one boy making the comments mumbled something.I turn around, go up to them and join their little group."So, you guys have anything you wanna tell me?"Dead Silence."Um, I like your shoes," the boy (the one talking sh*t) said."Uh, no I pretty clearly heard you guys talking about me cutting and killing myself."One of the girls breaks out in nervous laughter, while another walks away, and the third tries to deny it happened."Nope, it f***ing happened. Own up to it."The girl then asks for my name and grade, I tell it to her clearly. I tell them to "stop talking sh*t."The boy (who's like 4ft tall) mumbles something, to which the girl replies, "You can't fight a girl.""I'm a boy. And I'm not f***ing fighting anyone.""He apologized ok? You can go now."I decide to leave.Moral of the story. You have something to say about me? Don't be a p**sy. Come up to my f***ing face and say it. You think you're hot sh*t until you get confronted. You really wanna fight me? I'll f***ing fight you don't worry. Just don't be a little bitch and make your friends talk for you.

bully, bullying

Lonely disaster

12/29/2017 05:27 PM 

I hate feelings I mean who doesn't?

Don't you just love your ex's?  So today my ex girlfriend decided to send me a lovely message. Basically in that message said that I "used her,cheated on her, didn't love her,and didn't care about her." Which is false to be honest. We live in different time zones too. So it was hard for us to talk to each other. I even woke up at 3 a.m to just tell her good morning and that I love her. I stood up late for her, gave her all my passwords to sh*t and told her how much I love her. Her friends even hated me. And I didn't cheat on her. I'm a very loyal person too she even knows that. Plus she had all my passwords and sh*t so how does that work? Just today her and her friends keep messaging me saying that I'm a f***ing hoe,slut,cheater, and a thot. But sh*t when I didn't message her for two days (I was in the hospital) she thought I didn't love her anymore so she started dating this other person. I was gone for two f***ing days. Plus she didn't even ask why I was gone. It makes me mad when she is calling me all this sh*t when she isn't so good herself. I didn't have her password for sh*t. But she had mine. I was there for her, I loved her and everything. And this is how I get repaid? F*** this sh*t. I didn't do anything. She was the one who did sh*t. And it's not cool that her friends are attacking me about it and sh*t even though she was the one who did it. F*** love.

#fuck #love #emo #scene

Lonely disaster

12/28/2017 04:16 PM 

Get to know me

I'm new to this blog kind of sh*t, but I'll give it a try. My name is Taidym Hatter, I'm 15 and right now I'm currently taken. This post is just to get to know me better. I live in Californa. I do modeling ( I model for Teen Hearts) and I love to write poems lol. My favorite band is BrokenNCYE. I like to call myself "emo scene" because I tend to combine them both into my everyday life.  For people who are curious, I started dating my boyfriend on December 19th,2017. So not very long. I live in Californa and he lives in Wisconsin. Wowzer. So far things are going good lol. Anyways I also do YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. (Insta: or xxl0n3ly_disxst3rxx)  (FB; Taidym Hatter) and yeah lol that's it for now ^w^

#emo #scene


12/25/2017 07:51 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Well, today was pretty chill. I did the whole xmas thing which was nice. I, however, am the unfortunate awkward cousin which was...great... Kinda ready to take a nap or something now, but I probably won't actually be able to go to sleep until at least 2 in the morning. Oh well. Such is fate. Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season! Festively dead inside,-Scully 

tired, dead, Dead!, too much caffeine, coffee, it's java and it's hot, espresso is my lifeblood and it's actually horrible

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