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07/15/2017 07:21 PM 

First post
Current mood:  blank

This site is really giving me MSN flashbacks, except more complicated. However, I am not here to critique. This is my first blog post after all and as a writer at heart, a good first impression is my top priority. Blogs are usually meant to be about personal views on issues but as your popularity grows it can be about what you had for lunch and still crush the rating charts. Since this site isn't that popular, I'll settle with my first impression of this site. The first problem with this site is how beyond complicated it is, it could be that I'm really bad at any types of technology including making a basic profile but we are going to ignore that part for now. I am kind of digging how the first people it decides to show me are forty year olds. Which brings me to my next question, why on earth are there so many forty year olds on this site? Is it the desire to re live the glory days of Myspace? Heaven knows. I came here from spell of magic. Both sites similar in the fact so many foolish people are here. When I say foolish, I mean the people who fail to put in proper grammar and spelling in their bio. Nothing is more unappealing than a person's bio lacking in basic human decency. Really I'm just nit-picking. For the first blog I decide to critique. Usually people would put their interest or what they hope to gain from this site but really, whats the fun in that? Count me as the normie who wants to stand out. 


07/10/2017 11:41 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

I swear to god, my life could be a soap opera. It's great, but I could live without the drama. Get over it bitch, Tyler is with me now. You are irrelivant. You can try all u want to break us up, but hes with me. You can't seriously beilive that a 10 will stay with a 2. He needs a real women like me. That's why he's with me we feed off each other.


06/22/2017 02:52 PM 

Current mood:  calm

Hello!Thanks for adding me.I like reading, music, anime, manga, k drama, j drama, video games, online games, cooking, animals.


05/03/2017 11:32 PM 

Current mood:  blah

I used to love writing stories, whether it's fan fictions, teen fictions or fantasy but now I think I'll stick with blogging for a bit. I used to have best friends who were good at writing too; I compared my work and theirs all the time. It didn't really stop me from writing but one day, we had disagreements and it went to its worst. I stopped writing. I hated one of them and she was a good writer so I ended up hating the arts of writing. Months later, I thought it was childish to hate something your enemy is good at, but I loved writing, so I gave it another chance. And here I am writing a blog not much of a story but I like to write about it. Yeah, I bet someone'll read this. Yep! I'll just leave now. It's getting awkward.

writing, blogging, so weird, i dont know what i am saying


05/02/2017 01:40 PM 

Thoughts 1
Current mood:  crazy

Imagine getting hit by a baseball bat to the face.I woke up with my face planted on the floor. Apparently, i fell off the bed."What a nice way to wake up." I thought to myself. My head hurt because I fell off the bed and hit the floor. I didn't want to walk out of my room yet so i went back to bed. I suddenly regretted it because I couldn't go back to sleep because my thoughts were running inside my mind.Guess what i was thinking about? well.. My ex. *nervous laughter*Okay, so.. a bunch of you people out there might think that I'm too young or whatever but shoot me for getting myself involved in those teen love sh*t. I am 15 after all. Why was i thinking of my ex again? oh yeah.. because I took him seriously and in the end he just doesn't 'love' me anymore because there were no 'sparks'. LOVE ISN'T ALL ABOUT THE SPARKS! DUMBASS! Welp! I'm ranting. I best be out of here before I say something regretful.Peace Out! (Is2g that's weird but the site looks like a 2000's site so I MUST ADD THE 2000's FEEl.)

teen love, i dont know what i am saying, bed, thoughts, diary, humor, i need friends

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