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03/27/2014 11:35 PM 

Current mood:  disappointed

My Space please go back how the way you use to be!! With Tom Still Being Your owner


03/23/2014 04:13 PM 

Looking for a modeling or acting job
Current mood:  anxious

I'm hoping to get into acting or modeling. Don't have a portfolio yet. Please let me know if you or some one you know can help


Erica Schmidt-Nelson

03/12/2014 06:39 PM 

Guess Who`s Back :D (after what seems like forever)
Current mood:  hungry

Hey every one, sorry I`ve been gone so long. I`ve been dealing with a family problem but yeah should be on more often now. :D


02/25/2014 06:36 PM 

People are strange xD
Current mood:  amorous

Last time we spoke was directly before Christmas??? A lot has changed since then.The light inside me is no longer snuffed out... Although I can not clarify when it got lit back up. I will say the events in the past 6 months have taught me more about love, than since my hormones kicked in when I was a young girl. Life is strange... The world is still horrible. Obviously. But I am comfortable here again. Long story short...Me and said person I spoke off previously. Came back to each other. Like everyone always knew we would. And decided to be officially each others. Details are one thing. But I had to take the leap. If the person is worth the risk than take it! So far so good. It was all worth the risk so far. I have recently discovered that Karma is taking house calls. And is showing no mercy. In this process a lot was revealed like a murder victims remains washing up on shore after a hurricane... Coincidental considering one person in this story has the same name off a famous hurricane...They were a big part in all the drama occurring. She was interested in my now current BF the boy I also was interested in. So when she heard we were together even though not yet just very interested and because people seemed to think we were already that she heard we were a couple out off jealousy she told me I could no longer come to her birthday and told everyone there I was a "Downgrade" While bullying him about it. And pressuring him to "hook up" with this other girl. I was prevented from being there to defend myself... The cherry on the topping was that she at the time had a BF... Who now tells me things about this "Girl" Who we both call the bunny boiler as a result off her actions. How this all came to light for me was someone getting to overly involved in her relationship with him. Someone I now consider a friend. They broke up. And now I unfortunately for her not only am aware that she got karma rape her with a 12 inch strap on dildo. But of what she did... As a result it was even more amusing to witness her inviting herself to my Mans birthday party and to see him look annoyed at her arrival as well as her looking terrified off the sight off me... She death stared me the whole night. Shit like this makes her look more and more like a psycho which is fine if that is the impression your going for. But it has defiantly made my Man dislike her more. So lets just take this as a cautionary tale for all those considering hurting someone like how me and him were hurt... Might be best not to be a psycho :P

Hurricane, Love, Downgrade, Snuffed out, getting back together, Bunny Boiler, Hormones, Learning, Karma, Obsessed, Relationships,

Erica Schmidt-Nelson

01/16/2014 01:06 PM 

Current mood:  artistic

Doing art with my baby~

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