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xX Just-Jac Xx

01/20/2020 12:50 PM 

ayy get to know me!!
Current mood:  bored

heyyo just wanted to introduce myself fully lolololNAME?:my full name is Jaclyn Len but i go by Jac! (dont f***ing call me Jackie, i hate it ;-;)PREFERRED PRONOUNS?:she/her :)SEXUALITY?:i swing both ways,,, violently,, like a baseball bat,,,,,DO U PREFER SCENE OR EMO?:i like both kinds of people lol but i like emo more for myself lol, just the music and style is more meWOULD U CONSIDER URSELF SCENE OR EMO?:yes? IF YES, WHICH ONE?:more on the emo side but i feel i am more punk meets emo in style and music tasteHOW LONG HAVE U BEEN AN EMO/SCENE KID?:uhhh middle school? im p sure it was when my friends showed me some music to make me feel better when my parents were splitting. it all went downhill from there lolWHAT'S UR FAVORITE COLOR(S)?:red, black, and hot pink :PWHO R U MORE LIKELY TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH-- SCENES OR EMOS?:i like both, theyre p cool people but i have more emo friends than scenes whoopsFAVORITE ARTIST/BAND?:The Cure!Panic! At The Disco!Green Day!idk theres a bunch more up there,,,TOP THREE FAVORITE SONGS?:oof uhh..Death Dance Palaye RoyaleBoys Don't Cry The CureWelcome to Paradise Green DayMAKE A PLAYLIST FOR UR CURRENT MOOD?:oh yeah it's real Pining Over Someone Hours tonight fellas! we are also feeling Bored&Reckless and i feel like im gonna do something Impulsive.whats my age again Blink 182brain stew Green Daydestroya My Chemical Romanceheaven knows im miserable now The Smithsstill into you Paramoreever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't've Buzzcocksmy own worst enemy Lithang on to yourself  David Bowiethank you for the venom My Chemical RomanceFAVORITE PLACE TO GET UR MUSIC FROM?:my friends! they get me CDs for my player :0! i also use spotify a lot cause i am jus a broke teen yikessDO U DOWNLOAD MUSIC?:i download some playlists on spotify if i have the space for it on my phone :PDO U THINK "POSERS" EXIST?:oh yeah man, everyone's a poser if you think about it. we all try to impress someone, even if it's just ourselvesTHOUGHTS ON "PREPS"?:can f*** off lol it's an easy way to name people who arent alt from people who are other than normies. they can be really mean when they dont understand something that is new and different and screws with what they were taught to know.WHAT KIND OF HAIRSTYLE DO U HAVE?:uh its black and choppy and shoulder-length cause i cut it myself? ive got a shaved side thats kinda growing out (whoops lol). i dyed the shaved part red :3HAVE U EVER DYED UR HAIR?:uh yeah i just said i did. it's red,,,HAVE U EVER PUT DYED PATTERNS IN UR HAIR?:no but it seems really cool!! i am v lazy, v broke, and v untalented at bleaching and dying lolz. when i get the chance i wanna get some zig-zags dyed in my sideDO U CURRENTLY USE HAIR EXTENSIONS?:nopee i like my length as it isHAVE U EVER USED HAIR EXTENSIONS?:nope lol i think theyre too much work 4 meIF YES, WHAT KIND WERE THEY? ( CLIP INS, BEADS, ETC! ):bruh,,,DO YOU WEAR KANDI JEWELRY?:i have one (1) bracelet i made that matches with my friend's. they dont wear it cause it messes with their "aesthetic" but really appreciates it anyways (it says crackheads btw)IF YES, WHAT KIND OF KANDI JEWELRY IS YOUR FAVORITE TO WEAR?:my crackheads bracelet :))) i got some beads on my vans if that countsIF NO, DO YOU STILL LIKE KANDI JEWELRY?:n/a broIF YES, WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TO SEE ON OTHERS?:i really just like the bracelets!KANDI BEADS ON SHOELACES, YAY OR NAY?:oh hell yes I've got some red and pink stars on my boots and vansIF U COULD, WHAT KIND OF KANDI JEWELRY WOULD U MAKE?:i made just the 2 bracelets lolIF U COULD, WOULD U SELL KANDI JEWELRY?:lol nooo too much work XD (omg so many Qs on Kandi??)DO YOU COLOR YOUR NAILS?:yea! mostly black and it chips p fast but idc. sometimes i go in with color sharpies in the chipped parts!!IF YES, WHAT COLOR(S)?:mostly black, sometimes a dark red or silver glitter.DO YOU WEAR MAKEUP?:heck yeah boi!!IF YES, WHAT'S UR FAVORITE KIND OF MAKEUP?:red raccoon style eyeshadow and black lipstickWHAT KIND OF WRITING STYLE DO U HAVE? ( HARDCORE SCENE, HARDCORE EMO, NORMAL, ETC ):bro i have no writing style this is it bud. i sprinkle in some emo and some meme spellingR U OPEN TO FRIENDSHIPS?:p open ig lolHOW DID U FIND FRIENDPROJECT?:my friend showed it to me lolzDO U HAVE ANY SCENE/EMO FRIENDS IRL?:oh yeah bro, theyre the only people who understand me at schoolIF YES, WHICH ONE? ( BOTH, JUST SCENE, JUST EMO, ETC. ):emos to the extremeos, havent met too many scenesWOULD U SAY U HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF EMO/SCENE STUFF?:uh not really? i like supernatural stuff and reading classic gothic literature if that counts?? ive got school??IF YES, WHAT IS IT LIKE, IF UR WILLING TO SHARE?:oh so like i go to catholic school so i gotta tone it down which sUXIF NO, WHAT GOT U STARTED ON SCENE/EMO STUFF?:music?R UR FRIENDS/FAMILY ACCEPTING OR UR EMO/SCENE LIFESTYLE?:my mom doesn't seem to care what i do and my dad is just non-existantDO U WEAR UR SCENE/EMO STUFF TO WORK OR SCHOOL?:not so much, i go to a super uniform catholic school. i cant wear too much makeup or permanently alter my clothes so i put some pins on my lapel, beads on my school shoes and let my tights have runs in them. when it gets cold i get to wear my big ol' stomping bootsIF YES, WHAT KIND OF REACTIONS DO U GET?:uhh preps dont really like it (shocker lol). i was already weird to them anyway so this is just the icing on the cake. also especially the professors hate it lol. idc i like how i look and my friends like it tooIF NO, WHY NOT?:school restrictions yeetHOW DID THIS SURVEY MAKE U FEEL?:uhh a little more entertained :PENDING COMMENTS?:oof uhh have a good day? hydrate or die


01/20/2020 12:24 PM 

4b0ut m3!!

u c4n c4ll m3 wh1sk3rz & im 4 sc3n3 k1d fr0m w4sh1ngt0n st4t3i just turn3d 13 0n t3h 21th of deci h4v3 4 k1tty n4m3d buck3t & h3z so000 cut333


01/19/2020 10:22 PM 

Current mood:  blah



01/19/2020 03:01 PM 

F*** chuck e cheese
Current mood:  crushed

This pizza tastes like sh*t.If chuck e cheese was such a powerful rat you would think he would at least make good food


01/19/2020 01:57 PM 

Current mood:  artistic

I got a sh*t ton of kandi beads as a present, time to give kandi to the locals

Kandi, scenecore, rawring 20's

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