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10/11/2019 06:01 PM 

1m4 sl33py
Current mood:  tired

w3ll.... 1 g0t 2 hRz 0f sl33p... t0d4yz g0nn4 b3 1 0f do3z sl33by d3yz, l3ts h0pe mY t3AcH3Rz d0nT s3y nUffIn t0 m3 0r 1 m1ghT cRy.


10/11/2019 03:11 PM 


the title says it all lmao. these past few weeks have been so good, i don't even know where to start!!!on the 20th, the day of the area 51 raid, i finally got into a relationship with my crush of like,,, over a year. i'm still sosossososoossoosooo happy about it cause obviously i've liked him for a really long time. i texted him while i was at the fair with my friends and thats how that happened lol.then last weekend was homecoming. it was a really great experience other than the fact that my heart committed die during sweet caroline and i basically just cried in the bathroom for no reason. now, tmrw afternoon, me and a few of my friends are going to a school football game which will b even more fun!! x)honestly my life is going rlly rlly well right now and i'm not used to being this happy. i hope it stays this way.


10/11/2019 12:28 PM 

d3y 0n3!!

sk00l sux!!! bUt h3y, l34st 1 c4n pl4y d00m g4me 4t LuNCh... 4ls0... h0w d1d chU gUyz F1nD m3??  o_O... 15 fr13ndz!! otay!! see u laterz!!


10/10/2019 01:15 PM 

Real-world Umbridges

Manipulative people. Ehhhh. We know gaslighting is aimed to confuse the victim so that (s)he will become insecure and the manipulator will be in control over him/her. I just wonder how much nerve and how much shamelessness does this gaslighting behaviour demand?How on earth can certain people lie without even getting some bad conscience? How can they tell a lie on one day, and how can they tell another lie - on the same matter - on another day? How can they contradict what they said some time ago, saying the exact opposite of what they said before? How can they pretend to not remember - if it is not comfortable for them to remember certain things?How can they be so shameless that - after their words and deeds did severe damage to someone else - they play the innocent and try to make the sufferer believe "I didn't mean it the way you thought I meant it!"?How can they be so fearless that they actually provoke - and try to take you for an idiot - until you feel like hitting them? How can they have so good nerves? They achieve that someone else is already shivering out of anger and obviously sees red - and they smile triumphantly or pretend they don't understand why you lost your temper. They didn't do anything bad. They didn't know it was going to hurt you.Aren't these people afraid? Don't they assume that after a certain time, somebody will get enough and punch them in the face?We know that Umbridge - in the Harry Potter stories - is just a caricature of this kind of behaviour. Yet there are many Umbridge's in the real world, too - the only difference is that they don't necessarily wear kitchy, fluffy pink cardigans or ugly velvet ribbons in their hair. One can behave himself/herself totally Umbridge-ish without having a collection of plates decorated with tacky-sweet kitten images.It is the shameless denial of one's deeds, the triumphant smile and the ability to enjoy others' suffering and humiliation what makes an Umbridge.


10/10/2019 09:15 PM 

first attempt at makeup

My first attempt at makeup-- I look like a serial killer right now or I'm a bit too ready for Halloween LOL. It's my first attempt so it'll be bad anyway. I would love criticism though please!

makeup blog vlog


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