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12/12/2018 05:01 PM 

Still learning how 2 use dis site... lmao
Current mood:  confused

So... I'm not sure how to do anything here yet..


12/12/2018 03:17 PM 


Every morning I wake up with a new face

Sometimes it`s small,red lips and tiny cheeks
It`s gouged out eyes and a bloody nose
Theres nothing
I don`t recall a face this ugly

I hate mirrors
I used to see shadows behind my reflection
Maybe they were
The shadows
Are still stuck here

Looking back
I was never a boy
Never a kid
I was always just
A vessel.

poetry, art,


12/11/2018 03:42 PM 

So I deleted my Facebook account today
Current mood:  accomplished

After being there for over 12 years it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It was a little scary pressing that delete button but I chose to permanently delete my account so that I can have a change of scenery on the web. It was getting very stagnant.

I guess I just got tired of everybody re-sharing old photos and not speaking to each other anymore. It's like the more lazy Facebook let them be the more lazy they got. Nobody hardly types anything or has any kind of discussions anymore. I was also getting tired of all of the political posts. I don't want to talk politics online anymore. I get enough of that at home on the boob tube.


12/10/2003 02:15 PM 

i am one years old

i am one years old


12/10/2018 03:38 PM 

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Current mood:  adventurous

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