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12/06/2019 08:37 PM 

myspace survey :)

Part 1:1.) What is your name?  alexander2.) Emo, Scene, or both? both3.) Post a selfie. nah lmao4.) How old are you? 145.) When did you first become emo/scene? 3rd/4th grade6.) What’s your favorite color? pink, black, red7.) Is it just a phase or a lifestyle? lifestyle8.) Major labels or indie labels? both9.) How old were you when you first starting using the internet? 510.) Are you more into cute stuff or creepy stuff? bothh11.) Do you wear more than one color? ya12.) Do you draw or write on your converse? i used to lmao13.) Do you wear glasses? nope14.) Black dye or multi-color? black15.) Tim Burton or John Hughes? tim burton16.) Do you spike the back of your hair? it's 2 short 4 that17.) Are labels restrictive or helpful? helpful18.) Nothing Feels Good by Andy Greenwald or Everybody Hurts by Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley? idk19.) Do you have any piercings? Do you want them? i used to have piercings, working on getting a nose and cartilage piercing next20.) Do you have any tattoos? Do you want them? i want tattoos more than anything...21.) Where do you buy your clothes? hot topic, forever 21, jcpenny22.) What’s your favorite outfit? ripped skinny jeans! white t-shirt! my friend's hoodie!23.) What posters do you have up in your room? i have a hamilton poster + astrology posterPart 2: 24.) Are you okay? no (i promise)25.) Do you have a diary? ya26.) Are you an introvert or extrovert? introvert27.) Is it better to sound good and well produced or to sound raw and real? raw n real28.) What lyrics bring you to tears? all the lyrics from two birds by regina spektor29.) Has a band ever saved your life? yep30.) Have you ever been bullied for what you like? nooo31.) What’s your favorite book? missing magic32.) What’s your favorite movie? if i stay34.) Have you ever been broken up with? no35.) Do you write poems? yeah36.) Are you a vegetarian/vegan? no, but i want to be37.) Are you a straight edge? hell no38.) What’s your religion? wicca39.) Where’s your happy place? my room40.) What do you do when you feel anxious? die41.) How often are you on the internet? all the time42.) What’s your guilty pleasure? ummmmPart 3 :3.) Do you read creepypastas? used to44.) Do you have OCs? hell yeah45.) Have you ever made an AMV? no46.) Do You Watch Invader Zim? used to47.) Do you like Hello Kitty? hell yeah48.) What’s your favorite Pokemon? it's a tie between lucario and incineroar49.) What’s your Harry Potter house? ravenclaw50.) What Warriors clan are you? idk51.) What anime do you watch? ensemble stars, bandori, love live, mekakucity actors, idolm@ster52.) Do you drink Monster? yeah!!53.) What your favorite music video? dont have one54.) What’s your MySpace/FriendProject? i dont remember my myspace55.) What’s your DeviantArt? ryleewinterblade56.) Do you make Blingees? no57.) MySpace/FriendProject or Tumblr? tumblr58.) Vampires or Werewolves? vampires are hot ngl59.) Charlie the Unicorn or Llamas With Hats? llamas with hats is iconic60.) What’s your desktop look like? organized :)Part 4:61.) What’s your favorite genre of music? rock/alternative/goth/kpop/industrial metal62.) What’s your favorite album/ep? trench by twenty one pilots63.) What’s your favorite song? there's nothing here worth dying for by black dresses64.) What’s your favorite band/duo/act? mindless self indulgence or twenty one pilots65.) Who’s a musician you want to meet? neil cicierega!66.) What bands do you/did you have in your locker? none lol67.) What’s an obscure band you absolutely love? black dresses and king adora :068.) What’s your favorite lyrics? "laying lies upon lies like a broken machine/remake my image and refine what they see"69.) Guitar solos or breakdowns? breakdownz70.) Rites of Spring or Embrace? whomst71.) Husker Du or Fugazi? whomst72.) Jawbreaker or Lifetime? whomst73.) Indian Summer or Moss Icon? whomst74.) Braid or Hot Water Music? whomst75.) Mineral or Texas Is The Reason? whomst76.) Saetia or Funeral Diner? whomst77.) Dashboard Confessional or Bright Eyes? whomst78.) Taking Back Sunday or Brand New? whomst79.) At The Drive-In or Thursday? whomst80.) Jimmy Eat World or Paramore? paramore81.) Saves The Day or The Get-Up Kids? whomst82.) HIM or Evanescence? evanescence83.) Circa Survive or Coheed & Cambria? whomst84.) Silverstein or Hawthorne Heights? whomst85.) Green Day or Blink 182? both86.) Fall Out Boy or The Academy Is…? fall out boy87.) Alkaline Trio or AFI? whomst88.) Senses Fail or Armor For Sleep? whomst89.) Chiodos or Saosin? whomst90.) My Chemical Romance or The Used? mcrrrr91.) Hellogoodbye or Panic! At The Disco? panic!92.) Aiden or From First To Last? whomst93.) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Underoath? whomst94.) Avenged Sevenfold or Bullet For My Valentine? whomst95.) Dear Whoever or A Vain Attempt? whomst96.) Attack Attack or Enter Shikari? whomst97.) Dot Dot Curve :) or Brokencyde? whomst98.) Jeffree Star or Scotty Vanity? neither99.) Breathe Carolina or 3OH!3? 3OH!3100.) Never Shout Never or The Ready Set? the ready set101.) Escape The Fate or Falling In Reverse? falling in reverse102.) Bring Me The Horizon or Suicide Silence? bring me the horizon103.) Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens? bothh104.) Black Veil Brides or Asking Alexandria? bvb105.) Everyone Everywhere or Joie De Vivre? whomst106.) Lil Peep or Nothing,Nowhere.? neitherPart 5:107.) Who’s your favorite Emocore/Scenecore blog? i dont have one108.) What do you think of As It Is’s The Wounded World and Patty Walter’s New look? huh109.) Which is better? Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge or The Black Parade? three cheers!!110.) Do you think Emo/Scene will make a comeback? absolutely111.) What’s your favorite B-Side? dunno

do you really really really wanna go hard


12/06/2019 07:40 PM 

HTML part 2
Current mood:  annoyed

I can't figure out how to use the HTML for music to play on my profile. I can't find the right code for it. It's annoying me 


12/06/2019 05:01 PM 

Ryan Ross and Panic! At The Disco
Current mood:  content

This is just a reminder that I love Ryan Ross a lot and that he's hot.  

Ryan Ross, Panic! At The Disco, emo, 2000s


12/06/2019 04:52 PM 

Winter and Mingraines
Current mood:  anxious

Winter is officially here. It's snowing again here and it's cold, after we just had a ton of snow on Sunday and classes were canceled on Monday. I haven't been in classes all week and I'm afraid of what I missed and catching back up.  Along with winter, I get migraines more often than I do in the fall, spring and summer. I get migraines from stress too, not just lack of sleep and tiredness, and weather. The winter weather, with the pressure dropping and the sun coming out suddenly sometimes, and the snow and rain, cause my migraines. And with it getting darker quicker, it doesn't help my seasonal depression and depression in general. With the sun coming out, it helps my depression somewhat, but at the same time, it causes my migraines to be worse if I have one. I can't win.  I get stress migraines to. it goes from a headache to a full blown migraine within a few hours, and the holidays always cause stress, especially with my family. Family issues and there's a ton of unnecessary drama, plus the high expectations of buying gifts and hoping the person who I got it for likes it, and then the stress of returning it if they don't, and my crazy insane aunt who causes problems for no reason, except out of jealousy and her severe own issues, which she refuses to get help for and says she's fine and doesn't need help and expects people to bow down to her and act as if everything's perfectly fine and it drives me nuts.  My family pretends everything is okay. when it obviously isn't. My extended family expects me to bow down and just pretend to like my aunt and my other brother's wife But i refuse. They both have caused serious problems and have somehow hurt me, either emotionally or not. So I refuse to bow down and pretend that they haven't done anything wrong. This is why the holidays are always stressful. But, the good news is, I've decided now that I'm not expected to buy gifts for certain people. A pro I've realized now is I'm not expected to buy gifts for people in my family I don't know well or don't wish to get gifts for. Which is fine by me. 

christmas, emo, hoildays, family, stress


12/06/2019 08:54 AM 

more and more school work
Current mood:  aggravated

school, school, and more school work... it's nearing the middle of the school year which means all teacher at my school are all trying to cram as much work as they can in a few days. With all this work I have no idea how I'm going to have time to study for midterms. I don't feel confident in my abilities. I have a half years worth of stuff to study :/  

school, me complaining

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