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☠ Xx_bloodXpoisoning_xX ☠

04/16/2019 02:14 PM 


sealing your stupid fate

with a broken fence gate

isn't it what you had planned?

buying this isolated block of land

where everyone lives far

careless to who you are

and no one wants to stay

after all you chose to hide away


04/15/2019 09:13 PM 

Dead Kennedys- Dog Bite

My f***ing adorable a**hole dog bit my best freind today and I'm devistated. 

To be fair, she's been pushing his boundries because she thinks she can help him to be less agressive

She wasn't harming him, he just wasn't ready to be pet by her yet and she went for it anyway. 

I hate knowing I'm going to have to put him down soon.

I feel awful for her, although she says she's not done trying, and it's just a temporary setback.

I love that she means well, she does just want to help, but I'm scared that this warning bite is going to turn into a full on attack next time. 

This whole situation just makes me incredibly sad. 

I got him  about 5 years ago. He wasn't even a year old and had already been through three owners. The breeders weren't particularly responsible and I was told that there's like an 80% chance that he was born from sibling dogs, and that the his grandparents were siblings from two different litters of pups. 
The first home away from the breeders was completely unstable and ended up selling him via facebook to another .... also very unstable... owner who literally just left him at a freind's house.

The third owner tried to keep him at first, but realized that there was no way he could keep  him and  offered to sell him to me, knowing I had been looking for a dog for a few months. I came and met him and fell in love but had to find the money for a rehoming fee. I wasn't able to find the money at the time, so after a week or two, my freind gave him to me as a birthday present.

I had a roommate that was physically abusive to him. She had been my best freind for ten years, and now I'm  no longer freinds due in most part to the way she treated my dog.

I have zero chance of rehoming him with his agression, and to be honest, I feel like putting him down might be the better option than putting him through yet another home, especially one he's been a part of for so many years. 

I really hope my freind is able to help him. 

I also hope like hell that her hand heals up well. 

I feel awful.

Nighty night.

leo, like the star system

04/15/2019 04:52 PM 

absolute f***ing trash james says

ik i posted this as a bulletin but i don't want it to delete

inspired by Will's (then abby's) bulletin post

"look what i stitched into (insert article of clothing)!"
"frnak ireo"
"boy those diary of a wimpy kid books really went downhill fast"
"you wanna talk about kinks i'll talk about kinks you don't need to be embarrassed around me listen i'm one kinky motherf-"
"frank iero's side projects are literally a totally fine substitute for the hole my chem left in my soul"
"thank capitalism"
"i'm trying not to change my name again"
"i know you gave me all that affection last week but i still don't have any to give you"
"have you ever heard of this guy... frank... iero?"
"i walk around like a daddy cos i don't have one"
"i bet you won't (insert violent threat)"

james, shit i say

leo, like the star system

04/15/2019 11:19 PM 


updated frequently bc i am a frerard freak

black market blood (vamp gerard)

high school
anatomy of a fall (ghost frank)
i'll find you when the sun goes black (super f'in long AND an emotional trip)
strange steps (short,  adorable)

mental hospital
a splitting of the mind (of course)

the happiest f***in' place on earth [tm] (they both work at disneyland and it's f***ing CUTE)
skin of the canvas (frank's a life model, gerard's an art student)
ain't nobody gonna love you like the devil do (a lot of smut and a questionable age gap)
YOURS + MINE©  (mostly smut)
oh i wish i was a punk rocker (also mostly smut)

frerard, reclist, frerard reclist, fics


04/15/2019 01:27 PM 

sKILL MEthod master post.

sKILL MEthod is an experimental music project by yours truly.

Genre: Experimental, noise, drone, ambient. A few tracks use MIDI.

sKILL MEthod can be found on Facebook.



And Youtube.

Music, sKILL MEthod, experimental, noise, ambient, drone, MIDI, soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp, facebook

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