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12/21/2017 06:24 PM 

Puzzles are great games have begun.Have fun, everyone who attempts.It is completely possible.


12/21/2017 10:07 PM 

Idk I had a good day
Current mood:  happy

I had a good day today and I just wanted to share it I guess ^~^After school finished I went to Greggs with my friends (their soup is AMAZING) and my friend got me a new potted plant for Christmas!! we went back to my house to play Wii and my boyfriend was there which was nice :3 We all played Wii together and I won the game! I just feel really happy and sleepy and aghh :3 How's everyone else's days been??


12/21/2017 02:37 PM 

Today's Emo Shuffle Playlist
Current mood:  angsty

Seven- Sunny Day Real Estatei'm back sleeping, or f***ing, or something- Moss IconAction & Action- The Get Up KidsGirl's Not Grey- AFINew Blood- Their/They're/ThereSame Shade as Concrete- Circle Takes the SquareA Praise Chorus- Jimmy Eat WorldA Jack With One Eye- Texas is the ReasonSomething That Matters-Merchant ShipsI'm Afraid of Everything- Braid

Emo, emocore, myspace, playlist, music


12/20/2017 09:29 PM 

My Top Ten AFI Songs
Current mood:  accomplished

Hello all! And welcome to my first ever blog on this new version of old school Myspace! Today, I will be discussing my top ten personal favorites from one of my most favorite bands: AFI (A Fire Inside). Now let's give a little background of my experiences with this band. I first heard AFI directly after the release of their sixth studio album DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, which landed on alternative charts that year (2006). The song I was exposed to was called 'Miss Murder', which was featured on one of the Guitar Hero games. My father burned a CD with a majority of the songs featured on the game and Miss Murder happened to be one of my favorites. I didn't really delve too much into AFI until I was around 15 years old. That winter was the first time I every listened to DECEMBERUNDERGROUND fully and learned to appreciate their music. Since then my love for AFI only grew so much more. I absolutely adore both the punk and emo days of AFI as well as the more gothy alternative stuff they have been releasing now. So anyways, here is my list counting down from 10 to 1! I hope you enjoy!10. Totalimmortal                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeIn the earlier days of AFI, their songs were had much more punk undertones. They were deemed by many as the horror punk kings of the 90's post-hardcore scene. What I love most about this song is the build up during the pre-chorus when Davey shouts "THIS RAGE, I CANNOT LET GO!". Then the music just slams into a mosh fueled sense of euphoria. And the live videos of this particular song makes AFI a must see band.9. Snow Cats                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeThis was the first single released from their newest self-titled album, also nicknamed "The Blood Album". When I first heard this after the weeks of teasing new music, I was instantly in love. It was much like a throwback to DECEMBERUNDERGROUND's sound. The lyrics are beautiful, and of course the way the instruments are played, their music still continues to pull on many heart strings.8. The Lost Souls                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code"Look what you've done to me now! You've made me perfect!" This song is another one of those that really makes me want to get up and thrash. The intro to the song instantly pulls me in. I am a sucker for bass and drums. This song is definitely more gripped onto the punk roots the band is so well known for. Another song I just cant pass up.7. God Called in Sick Today                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeI am a total sucker for poetry. And this song is straight up one of the most powerful written I have ever heard by AFI. It really focuses on the darker tones of humanity. It is said by many this is the deepest AFI song ever written. I also play this on guitar quite often.6.  A Deep Slow Panic                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeI cant get over how f***ing awesome the instrumentals are in this album. It definitely has more of a goth rock vibe to it. The lyrics, yet again, are absolutely incredible and Davey's singing has evolved in a very good way. This is the only song on this list from the Burials album, but I was so driven to learn this song on guitar as well. A job very well done!!!5. ...but home is nowhere                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeHave you ever felt like that you just don't belong anywhere no matter where you were in the world? I went through that a lot, and I still feel like I don't belong. That I am just forgettable. I used to sit alone and sing along in tears to this song. This song spoke to me, from the intense emotional lyrics down to the symphonic choir that underlined this song. It helped me through a lot and even without the personal experiences, this song still holds up as so beautiful. This is the song that connected Sing the Sorrow with their next album DECEMBERUNDERGROUND. 3. The Days of the Phoenix                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeThis song all together is a masterpiece, I just had to include it in this list. This was a direct transition here from when the band went from their hardcore sound to emo. And many older fans HATED this song. It sparked a lot of controversy on the music scene. I myself love it and the meaning of the song reminds me of personal experiences. 2. Fall Children                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeReason 1 I like this song: Its so f***ing punk. Reason 2 I like this song: Davey pulls a "Danzig" shout in this song. Reason 3 I like this song, I am a fall child. Reason 4 I like this song: Its a Halloween song. Reason 5 I like this song: THE HARMONIZING IN THE BRIDGE. Need I say more? 1. A Single Second                                Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed codeRemember when I said I was a total sucker for bass and drums? Well that's exactly why I fell in love this song in the first place. I also adore Hunter's screaming of "memories dull my senses" during the chorus. You can just feel all of the intense emotion in this song. And they got Tiger Army to help perform this song live with them. How f***ing sweet is that?? This song is clearly from their punk days. I also heavily relate to these lyrics. Its my go to for AFI every single time.Honorable Mentions: This Time Imperfect, Endlessly She Said, Paper Airplanes, Bleed Black, I Hope You Suffer, Summer Shudder, The Boy Who Destroyed the World, I Wanna Get A Mohwak, The Leaving Song, Kiss and Control, Third Season.This list was so unbelievably hard to make. I had to pick and choose from so many of my favorites that this list actually made me feel a little pressured. Tell me, what's your favorite AFI song and why? Thanks for reading! I really hope the embed links worked.

AFI, A fire inside, Davey Havok, Jade Puget, Adam Carson, Hunter Burgan, emo, emocore, punk, horror punk, hardcore


12/20/2017 08:57 PM 


The feel of her body in my arms,Her touch, Her warmth gave me life,She made me feel loved.As she looked into my eyes, I assured her I loved her.Her smile made my life worthwhile, My love for her was endless.Now she's gone,And I'm again all alone.Cold without her body,Lonely without her voice.I'm broken but you aren'tMy mistake was feeling alive,But tell me, why stitch my heart back up,Only to tear it apart? 


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