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03/17/2013 01:01 PM 

The Lonely Rose
Current mood:  adored

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The Lonely Rose

Here i stand before you,
Lonely as this rose.
If only your heart knew,
As i stand here with sad pose.
How lost my heart is,
As my love can not take this.
I can only offer what is of me,
This rose speaks of my true love to be.
Forsake not this rose and my heart,
I do not wish for your love to depart.
As i only wish you to be my soulmate,
For i wish of no other to be my mate..
Do not cast me aside and say its over.
You know this within your passionate heart,
That i'm your only true lover.
Lead me not into shadows of fear,
Look apon my cheeks and see stains of tears.
Look within my eyes see this pain,
Of this what would you gain.
What more torcher do you wish to offer,
What more will you take from my hearts coffer.
As i stand here holding this rose and my heart.
Will you let my love and this rose wilt,
Will you destroy this love we have build.
As i wait here for your words to part,
From those lips that had gave me many of kiss,
For which i do now miss.
What more can my heart do,
Will you except me and we again be two.
Shall i walk in shame,
Going back to where i came.
I await your words my love,
As i've always put your love above.
Of this she did smile,
With tears that lasted awhile.
Yes she said i will except your offer,
Filling your hearts coffer.
For our love will last days on end,
Until the ending of our last breath then.
I shall hold this rose as our pledge,
A memory of what is to be.
As i do love you.

By winged warrior aka mark strange
April 15,2010

Poetry & Poems


03/17/2013 12:50 PM 

My Immortal
Current mood:  adored

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Immortal

My immortal lover,
With eternaity never over.
With our love entwined,
With passage of time.
As our hearts is covenanted,
With love being passionate.
As we travel to distance lands,
Holding each within our hands.
As we caress each with our best,
With time giving others times test.
My immortal lover,
With love forever.
With tears we yearn,
For what we have learn.
As love comes with patience,
As ages has pasted our sentence.
Never to be separated,
As love should never over rated.
As sex is sensual,
But after time its usual.
As compassion has gathered
With love of being together.
With words we do care,
At knowledge we share.
Never to be bored,
To always be adored.
As heaven can never be ours,
Never to die like flowers.
As man steps into eternity,
As one loving unity.
My immortal lover,
As time is not over.
As heaven has not said so,
As our spirits will not go.
As our time is not to be,
As our love is immortal for you and me.

By Winged Warrior aka Mark Strange


Poetry & Poems


03/17/2013 12:42 PM 

The Passionate Kiss
Current mood:  adored

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 The passionate Kiss

As i feel your lips of electicity,
Yes those lips of soft simplicity.
As your lips form so perfect with mine,
As our lips begin to gorge and dine.
Feeling of those lips so erotic,
As it makes me feel like a lunatic
My heart begins to raise in heated daze,
As i feel your beating of your heart to my amaze.
As you embrace me within your soft arms,
As i looked into your lonely eyes of charms.
Seeing only a kinderd heart like mine,
Knowing within my heart we'll be fine.
With passion begining to arise,
As our kiss lasted far longer than a moment.
As it feels like infinite time to the wise.
As we stand together like a granite monument,
Embraced for all eternity.
With those lips of soft simplicity.
As world around us was but a shadow,
Kissing away in the dandelion meadow.
What could tear our lips away,
As our lips gives into this luscious play.
As others look onward with shy must,
Not knowing of our loving trust.
As we caress each others with lips of romantic passion,
Knowing all to well this will lead to other action.
As our bodies goes through lovers motion,
As our hips sway to this deep basic emotion.
Feeling of this naughty pride,
As our lips gives us this heavenly ride.
With our hearts turning into esctasy,
And not just some lonely fantasy.
This passionate romantic kiss,
This kiss i can not dismiss.
As this kiss is for my lonely lady dove.
The one whom i so love.

By Winged Warrior aka Mark strange

Poetry & Poems


03/17/2013 12:27 PM 

Mystery Lady
Current mood:  adored

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mystery Lady

Hey little lady,
My sweet lady of mystery,
Come slip away with me,
Let's make us some history.
Let us travel this heart land,
As our love is to be,
Come hold my hand.
Let me set you free.
Hey sweet little mystery lady,
Be my moonlite rider.
Come set me on fire,
As moonlite shines ever higher
Feed your passionate desire.
Come ride these moon beams with me,
As i set your passion free.
Take away those feelings of lonliness,
And dry your tears of wetness.
Come take my hand,
I'll show you how love is made.
As the sun shines its golden bands,
While we lay in the summer shade.
Under natures beautiful tree.
Come let me set you free,
As i give you pleasures,
To your dreams of Fantasy.
As these will be memories to treasures,
To what you call now esctasy.
Come my sweet lady of mystery,
Let me set you free.
Lets us make history.
Let my love be the one,
For you and me.

By winged warrior aka mark strange

Poetry & Poems


03/17/2013 12:10 PM 

Morning Beauty
Current mood:  adored

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Morning Beauty

Colors of light gives its Beauty with plenty,
As dreams of night are fulfilled by many.
Washed is the harmony of dew,
Only to be seen and felt by few.

As the shadows of colors awash the land,
In sunlights golden bands.
With mist arising to suns loving warmth,
As the sight is all to one's worth.

With birds of flight giving its chirps,
While watery brooks gives its churning burps.
As trees whisper gentle with their leaves,
As spring brings it magic to weave.

With golden flowers yawning their petals,
Within far golden meadows.
While sunlight shines within windows portals,
Awakening those sleepy mortals.

Spring has already awaken natures creatures,
Those who we call our fellows.
As morning gives us its secret treasures,
As our hearts sing beyond measure.

How can one describe,
Mornings beautiful vibe.
As each day is a surprise,
With the coming of mornings sunrise.

By winged warrior aka mark strange

Poetry & Poems

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