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(a)bby the homicidal maniac

08/28/2018 12:07 AM 


You lost your partner in crime.I guess that's what happens when we gamble in this game called life. I lost too.I lost you.When it's me versus the world in the boxing ring, it's good to know I've got people in my corner. The world has no one because it f***s all of us over.Sometimes I win.Most times I lose. Right now, it hit me when I was down.I can hear the referee call...but maybe it's my Rocky moment.Ring. Ring. Ring.Hey, it's me, again. Abby. From class. Last year. Fifth period. I looked at you like you were the light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, I was the one that sat behind Brigid. I just wanted to say that...Beep.Ring. Ring. Ring.Sorry--Abby, again--I got cut off. You gave me a fever. No, you are the fever. You infect everyone you touch, and that's very inconsiderate because as far as I know, there's no cure for you. You know, you're a real...Beep. Ring. Ring. Ring.Parasite. Disease. Virus. A beautiful infliction. If you had the Black Plague, everyone would want to catch it from you. In fact, I think you're the cause of every pandemic out there...Beep.Ring. Ring. "Hello?"You're the face that launched a thousand ships.  hugs&kisses, abby 

Pierce Forrest

08/27/2018 10:44 PM 

school started :/
Current mood:  anxious

im back in school and i keep forgetting to check this site lmfaoim a senior this year, which is f***ed,, i got senioritis already and it's only been a DAYanyway it's gonna be a rough year (when isnt it tho :///) and i'm gonna have at least a lil bit of fun cuz i'm in three art classes this semester! i also got a deviantart now,, which is fun ig


08/27/2018 03:21 PM 

Death Seems So Inviting

August 27, 2018    Today the first tear came from my eyes since Trinity left me. Every time i look back on all she and I have done, I feel sick. I miss it so much. I've never been so unmotivated to live in my life. She was my everything, and three months ago life was looking promising. And I was wrong to think that. My life has become the opposite of what it was just a few months ago. I have nobody, I'm serious. No friends. Nobody. Everyone I knew because of Trinity just acts like I'm not there. I thought everything would be okay. Trinity fixed then ruined me.    I don't even want to live if I'm going to be completely honest. If this is what my life is going to be then I don't want it. I mean nothing to no one. The girl I loved more than anyone in the world doesn't care about me at all. She wouldn't even talk to me to tell me why she's leaving. She's all I can think about. If this is life I might as well be dead. Nobody who once cared about me would miss me. Trinity wouldn't care at all, I'm sure of it. I need to see my counselor again, because I've never thought of dying like this. Would anyone care if I died? Probably not. Trinity already killed me, she wouldn't miss me if I was gone. I hate living like this. She was all I could ever want, and all I can't have.


08/26/2018 06:09 PM 

survey again

Name PercyNickname(s) perch, newt, ratboy, goblinAge achtzehnBirthday aug 17Birthplace in a hick town :(Current Location the same hick town :(Eye Color grayHair Color blue rn !!Height 5Lefty or Righty rightZodiac Sign leo :0What Do You Drive i can't im a gay (bug)Screenname mistermismatch, vintagehellion, augustcatch{---Favorites---}Color purple, green,blue, black !Number 7 for the heavensBand Fall Out Boy, Owl City, IDKHow, MCRMusic Genre pop punk, rock, alt pop, ??TV Show the one about dark tourismMovie PUSH, Scott PilgrimActor oohh idk i don't keep up with themActress ^^^^Kind of Movie action? drama? whatever Scott Pilgrim is?Cartoon Courage the Cowardly dog, og Teen Titans, a few i can't think of :0Sport archery!!Fast Food Restaurant (ew uuuhhh) waffle house, great parking lot fights thereFood spinachIce Cream coffee, mint chip, ?? i like halo topCereal cheerios bc im basic :(Candy zotsDrink milkis !!Alcoholic Beverage red's green apple thing, seagram's orange cream sodaQuote "Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.{---Do You---}Have any siblings no >:)Have any pets 2 cats!!Have a job no :((Have a cellphone yeah!Have any special talents or skills uuh art maybe? embroidery? Have any fears loneliness, boredomHave a bedtime noSing in the shower ... are there people who don't? how else do i drown out the self-loathing thoughts?Want to go to college sure :/Get along with your parents they think we do, we really don'tHave any piercings i wishHave any tattoos i planSwear yeahSmoke i don't want lung cancerDrink not often at allDo Drugs no, i'd rather not but whatever{---Love & All That Crap---}Ever been in love maybe a littleEver cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend no, ewAre you single yeah :(( gimme an emo bfAre you in a relationship nahDo you have a crush on someone i don't think soEver been dumped yeahEver dumped someone no{---This or That---}Fruit or Vegetable fruit !!Black or White grayLights On or Lights Off on, i gotta drawTV or Movie movie !Car or Truck carCash or Check cash?Rock or Rap rockChocolate or Vanilla strawberryFrench Toast or French Fries fries, that's too sweetStrawberries or Blueberries strawberries !!Cookies or Muffins keksesWinter Break or Spring Break spring, good hiking weatherHugs or Kisses why not both!!{---Have You Ever---}Danced in a public place yeah ://Smiled for no reason yeahLaughed so hard you cried yeaHTalked to someone you don't know sadly yesDrank alcohol .....Done drugs noPartied 'til the sun came up nearlyGotten a ticket to see fob september 12th babey!!!!!Been arrested noBeen convicted of a crime nooooBeen in a wreck nearlyBeen out of the country yeah, Ireland and Scotland {---Random & Silly Junk---}Are you a virgin ew yeahEver TP'd someone's house noEver egged someone's house MINE hasHow many languages do you speak 1.1 (sh*tty school german course)Who do you compare yourself to everybody else :((Ever regret anything ........................Do you like being tickled noooooWhat are your goals live in a tiny house near chicago or a great lake in generalAre your fingers tired i've drawn longer than this tookAre you tired of this survey hahaAre you happy?

get to know me,


08/26/2018 03:20 PM 

Summer Mystery Grab Bag Delivery

Remember: You can put your name or other text on these as long as you don't cover up any Scrap Kit Artist credit. Anyone is welcome to save the ones with no name on them.Alien LandscapeBeautiful PlaceDolphin CoveDragonettsEnjoy The View DividerEnjoy The ViewFishermanFriendship Letter DividerFriendship LetterMagical NightsMagic DragonSummer BelieveSummer DreamingSummer DreamingTranquility CovePersonalized With Your Name:GINA:

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