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10/12/2019 01:03 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed

I told my mum I wanna be a scarecrow for spooky time and she just told me to be a "sexy scarecrow" instead cuz its not girly enough. What the hell even is parents. Frick off boomer I just wanna be a round straw man. JEEZUZ FRIK. 

Ryan !!!

10/12/2019 06:44 AM 

emo night
Current mood:  angsty

haven’t been here in a day or two..whoopsanyway i’m backuhnot much to reporti’ll say more when i wake upit’s almost 7 am and i’m still awakeanywayjust had an extremely emo moment where i listened to a song and CRIED, which is so so rare for me cause i never cry.. i mean it wasn’t sobbing, but it was still a few tearsso do any of you know those things where it’s like ‘*insert song* from another room’, like it simulates that ur hearing it from another room?? hard to explain but i love themanyway i found one and it was early sunsets by mcr from another room and i was instantly transported to a small bullets era venue, where i’m in the bathroom and i’m hearing them play it live and it just hit me how much mcr means to me,,, and how much i’d pay to see them live just onceughwhen i was little i used to get told that if i cried before i slept i’d have nightmarespretty sure it’s not truepretty surei’m not even sad really just,, emo and exhaustedhope u guys have been alright- ry

hhhghghghgh, it sounds cringey and corny but it really felt like i was having a distant memory that never happened or something.., i’m gonna sleep,


10/11/2019 07:56 PM 


dU u gUyz b3l13v3 1n 4l13nz?? 1 dU d3fo f0 sh0. 1 m34n... th3 g4lax13s r s000000 b1g 4nd sTuFfZ th4t 1ts l3ss l13kly t0 b3 4l13nz  0ut d3r3 d4n d3r3 1sNt d3m. ROFL!! wh4t 4m 1 s4y1n!!


10/11/2019 06:09 PM 


r3sP3cT tH4 dR1p K4r3n!!


10/11/2019 01:14 PM 

I tried Nad's

I tried Nad's for the first time... but that's not the highlight of the video. It's my excessive eyeshadow lol. I'm going to use less on the lower parts (but my obsession will try to make me use more aaa).



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