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12/08/2019 12:07 AM 

A Tag Game
Current mood:  cold

🙋‍♂️Brothers: 2🙋🏽‍♀️ Sisters: 0👶🏼 Children: 0👼 Grandkids: 0👩🏼‍⚕️Surgeries: 2✒Tattoos: none yet🌴Been to an Island: no ✈️ Flown on a plane: no🚑 Rode in an ambulance: no⛸ Ice Skating: yes🚢 Been on a Cruise: yes🏍 Rode a Motorcycle: no🏍 Owned a Motorcycle: no🐴 Rode on a horse: yes🏥 Stayed in a Hospital: no🌓Favorite Day: dusk or dawn 🌈 Favorite color: black and purple📱Last phone call: dad☕️ Coffee: I like iced coffee with two cream and two sugar, with either Irish cream creamer, or hazelnut and caramel swirl creamer 🥧 Favorite pie: apple or chocolate cream🐕 Favorite Dog: basset hounds, golden retrievers, beagles or dalmatians ☀️ Favorite season: fall and and late spring early summer📆 Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite Sport to watch: I don't like watching sports, but if I had to, it would be hockey How to play!1. Copy: Hold your finger down on this post and select copy.2. Paste: Go into your own status. Someone, please play. I want to see your answers!

carmen :3

12/07/2019 07:55 PM 

dis is important
Current mood:  headphones

guyz drop ur fav song/song lyricz below in da commentz


12/07/2019 05:10 PM 

tutorial: add a playlist to your profile

After a long time of trial and error I have finally found 2 easy-ish ways to add music to your profile!Please comment if you have any questions, or just want to say something. I'll do my best to help any questions, though be warned I am not an html expert.  Version 1. Add a youtube video After looking around online I found a website that generates a code to be able to add a youtube video to your profile. Despite what it says, you can't use a playlist (from my experience experimenting). Only a single video. The website is self explanatory on the steps to follow. All you need to do is find any youtube video you want. copy and paste the url into the URL TO VIDEO box, and edit the details. If you want to make a full playlist this way you would have to edit your own video to have multiple songs on it. Ideal if you want a super long "playlist" Version 2: mp3 file  5 song playlist  (warning: this website autoplays a song, so turn down your volume before hand)The steps for this is way more complicated. 1. first you will need to have yours songs in mp3 format. You'll need a website to hold your files, and DropBox is the best one. If you don't have an account, make a free one on it.2. upload your 5 songs to your DropBox account. I use this website to convert youtube videos into mp3 files . This website also can directly upload the file to DropBox.3. After you have all the songs on DropBox click on the Share button by hovering over the file4.  Click on Create Link and then Copy Link5. for the file to work correctly, you will have to edit the link. It will look something like this. Take out the ?dl=0 at the very end on the link7. replace the www with dl8. your new link should look something like this (I recommend editing the link while it's on the top url search bar and re-copying the new one. because the link changes a bit as you can see)9. after all that you can follow the simple steps the website has.After copying your code, you can add it to any of your profile sections. Enjoy! :D

music, html ,


12/07/2019 12:09 AM 

HTML Part 3
Current mood:  accomplished

I finally added songs to my profile and it works now. Finally! 


12/06/2019 10:50 PM 


TELL US ABOUT YOURSELFname: alexandernickname: alex/lexhow old are you: 14zodiac sign: virgocurrent location: my room :)eye color: brownhair color: blackhair type: 3c/4aheight: 5'8"your heritage: mixed!what's your middle name: nathanshoe's you wore today: adidasyour weakness: noyour fear: nohave you ever ridden a mechanical bull: ?do you want to: ..?goal you would like to achieve this year: idkfirst thought when you wake up: "i wanna go back to sleep"best physical feature: ummwho is your bestest friend: homosexwhen is your bedtime: hahayour most cherished memory: idkkkpepsi or coke: cokemc donalds or burgerking: neithersingle or group dates: single, like mewhat is the last song you sang: youre at the partydoes playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: f*** yeah it doeswhat is your biggest pet peeve: people standing in the hallwaydo you drink: ;)ever been drunk: tipsy yes drunk nodo you smoke: nodo you "SMOKE": no ;)do you sing: kindawhat color underwear do you have on: idk and idcdo you want to go to college: i dont carehave you ever been in love: nodo you want to get married: i guessdo you believe in yourself: hahado you believe in others: usuallydo you like thunderstorms: yado you play an instrument: yawhat do you want to be when you grow up: Bold Of You To Assume I Will Grow Upwhat country would you like to visit: canada and japan both seem nicehow many CD's do you own: 2how many DVD's do you own: 1how many tattoo's do you have: 0 :(how many piercings do you have: used to be Three now it is Noneehow many things in the past do you regret: i regret things that havent even happened yetFAVORITESshoes: adidas i guess ?radio station: nonedrink: sparkly water or appee juicecar: i dont careplace: My Roomsong: there's nothing here worth dying for - black dressesmovie: if i staymoment: one of themcolor: pinkmeal: i dont understand the questionIN A GUY/GIRLfavorite eye color: doesnt matterfavorite hair color: doesnt mattershort or long hair: Doesnt Matterheight: around my height i guessbody type: Doesnt Matterdoes ethnicity matter: nopiercings: yestattoos: yesBED SIDE MANORdo you think you are attractive: lmaoare you attracted to someone who does not know it: nowould you like to be someones fantasy: f-fantasy??hunter or hunted: Excuse Medo you kiss with your eyes closed or open: ive never kissed anyone beforea little or a lot of tongue: NONEolder or younger: older but only like 1 year older maximumlights on/lights off or candle light: lights ondo you like to cuddle after: yesdo you like to cuddle in general: YESRIGHT NOWwhat is todays date: 12/06/19what time is it: 20:50who are you thinking of: none of the abovewhat are you listening to: nodo you love someone: platonically! i love lotsa people!do you know where your mechanical bull is: are you okaydoes someone love you: god i f***ign hope sois it raining: nahhow many myspace friends do you have: 0are you happy: pee

im having a blast tonight

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