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30 years old
Five Dock, Sydney, New South Wales

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January 21 2019

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About me:
[This profile is still under construction.] As i can't be bothered starting my profile from scratch tbh, i will have to find and use the old codes i used to use on Myspace, when i used to use it till a few years back, which i used to use it till a few years back, which i used to use and should've continued to use,tbh.! I wish theyd never ruined Myspace, and i always wanted them to bring it back, i wish id find this site earlier as it gives me the good feels already, it sounds odd, but life was simpler back when i used Myspace, when it was more private and simple (as in Myspace was more private and simple that is.). Hope this site really kicks off! It brings me back the good feels. [Actually i will edit my profile at somepoint.Right now i like to keep it quite private before i edit my profile.]

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[Aaaand yes, i will put a profile pic up at somepoint.Right now im trying to sort out all my pics out and like to keep it quite private before i put any pics up. I can understand some people dont like to add a profile that has no pic, because it seems like the person doesn't exist.]

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Jan 19th 2019 21:10

I have a lot of books, not like a full, full bookshelf, but I do have a lot of books though.

Jan 19th 2019 20:51

I do, too!

Jan 19th 2019 20:29

No problem! What do you read?

Jan 18th 2019 14:40

Yeah, it sure isn't easy, working around things sucks and It's called, Dark Swift Dawn.

Kathryn Turner is a 16 year old everyday teenager, who's world gets turned upside down, when a transfer student - François Stevens - arrives at Leewood High School. When one of her best friends - Joanna  Clarks - introduces them to one another, things start to spiral out of control; from unprotected sex, to alcohol and to drugs.  As naive as Kathryn is, she knows exactly what she does but makes no plan to give a single care. But at the end of the day, she doesn't want to ruin her life, only wants to enjoy some teenage fun; no matter how toxic it becomes. How can Kathryn turn her life around when all she wants to do is impress her love interest, and be able to please him. Is she willing to lose him? Or can she come clean with her actions?

I just copy and pasted it from my Wattpad lol, but here ya go! I enjoy reading and wrting, I've been doing it for years, which makes me feel so old, but yeah lol.

Jan 17th 2019 11:01

Ugh, sounds like me. It's not like I'm 15 anymore, so it's a lot more harder nowadays than it was back then for me. Juggling work, writing my book, and so on, isn't easy at all haha.

Jan 16th 2019 15:39

Yeah, I'm doing the exact same thing, well on here, not sure if that's what you're doing lol.

Jan 15th 2019 14:32

Welcome! It's nice to meet you! I'm good, how about yourself?

Jan 7th 2019 08:23

im  fine  how  you  doing
к α y ℓ α

Dec 31st 2018 10:39

Hey there!
Thank you for accepting my add.
I am doing okay and how about yourself?
Courtney Coco

Dec 29th 2018 16:30

im doing well how are you :)
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