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El Paso, Texas
United States

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MembersAaron Hernandez
InfluencesPink Floyd Black Sabbath Alice in Chains Panera High on Fire Sleep Kylesa Yob Acid Bath Agents of Oblivion Deadboy & the elephantmen Dax Riggs The Republic of Texas
Sounds LikeSome very cool El Paso music.
Record LabelDeadman Records
Label Type Independent

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About Wolfskönig:
A solo project that started as simply an idea in 2011. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Hernandez had been writing songs on his own since 2005, but jumping from local band to local band, hardly had time to focus and write what he enjoyed. By 2014 he was bassist for Texas Heavy Thrash Metal outfit "Arsonkill". With the free time Aaron formed a jam band on the side with a drummer and guitarist. Using the few months with them, he began working on the first incarnation of the project aptly called, "Hammer of God". The hopes were to be somewhat heavy but almost power metal. (Which will explain some of the tracks you'll hear). That year the first four tracks were recorded, "Deathhammer" and "Psycho Interrogation" as well as the instrumental tracks of "Terrorized" and "Mountainwyrm". Shortly after the guitarist and drummer of that first rendition had parted ways, leaving Aaron once again to work solo. 2015 was a lowly year, putting the project aside, he directed all attention on Arsonkill. 2016 brought about new aspirations and further exploration into different genres and styles. "The End" and the ambitious "The Origin" were both products of that year. Such drastic changes in style and genres brought an end to the dream of being just a one genre band. The name "Wolfskönig" came about late that year, a change that was obvious the music would soon be taking darker and slower directions. 2016 thus brought concept art for the first announced EP, "Against The Stars". In 2017 a studio recording of "Better Off Dead"(a 2011 acoustic song written for his old band "Spade Syndicate") was brought about, as well as a cover of "deadboy & The elephantmen"s "What The Stars Have Eaten". As 2017 came to a swift close, a majority of years end focused on getting the artwork done, promotional art, improvements on old recordings etc. 2018 opened with the final song for the EP put into the works, titled "Queen Bitch". With 2018 closing fast and pressure rising, the decision was made split the EP and release a smaller EP titled "All We've Lost" which will feature the 3 tracks Terrorizer, Mountainwyrm and What The Stars Have Eaten. The new plan was to release this EP for free, then release "Against The Stars" as a swift follow up with the remaining six tracks. Late 2018 also began the work on a full debut, which for now is titled, "Sun Eater". Follow the Official Instagram @ https://instagram.com/wolfskonig_official?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=7fytxcjghbsn

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